Have you ever heard the truth about God and how He loves you? In the next four paragraphs we’ll try and highlight some of the more important truths from the Bible. At the end, we’ll also share a prayer with you, so you can respond to God’s love for yourself.


His love is unlimited and completely unconditional, though it’s not automatic. He didn’t create us like robots, programmed to love Him. He gave us freewill so we could respond to His love in order that our friendship with God could be real.


We were designed for friendship with God. Without God, life can become stressful, fearful, painful… We make decisions we regret and we get things wrong. As a result, we get hurt and often hurt others in the process. The Bible calls all this sin. Sin seriously messes up all the good God intended for us.


The Bible says that Jesus demonstrated His great love for us by dying for us while we were still sinners. The destructive hold that sin (selfish behaviour, fear, resentment, addiction) has over our lives could only be broken by the perfect sacrifice of God’s Son. Jesus died and rose again to give us a new start with God.


It’s now up to you – what will you do? God is offering you a fresh start with Him: forgiveness and life in abundance. All you need to do is accept His love, be sorry for your mistakes, receive His forgiveness and live as God’s friend. The choice is yours. You can find out more about the story of Jesus here.

If you want to respond to God and discover the difference Jesus makes in your life, just say the following prayer – you don’t need to close your eyes,… just mean it in your heart.

Jesus, I recognise that I have made mistakes. I’ve done things that have hurt You and others. I am willing to turn away from what is wrong in my life and follow You.

I believe You died on the cross for me, so that my sins can be forgiven and we can become friends.

I ask You now, Jesus, come into my life – be my Lord and Saviour.

Place Your Holy Spirit within me, clean me, mend me and help me. I want to follow You all my days. Amen.

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